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If you had to build your ideal Atlanta Falcon from scratch, what ingredients would you use?

Fact: Matt Ryan can sneeze with his eyes open and lick his elbow. At the same time.

Jeff Gross

The Falcoholic is a multifaceted forum. We have some great debates, that's for sure. Draft prospects, Dave's alcoholism, and Mike Smith's safari hat, we cover it all. And along those lines, we continually argue about the Falcons' unwavering fascination with high character guys.

For some of you, wins are all that matter. If you can help this team win, then we have a roster spot for you. Thomas Dimitroff and company haven't necessarily taken that approach. In fact, more often than not, they've tried to avoid contentious players, both in the draft and free agency.

To be sure, there are exceptions. if you're already a Falcon, chances are the team will overlook some occasional missteps. From Jonathan Babineaux's wacky tobacky-related run in with the law to Michael Turner's DUI, the Falcons' front office doesn't have a zero tolerance policy.

So what say you? What characteristics does the ideal Atlanta Falcon embody?