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Create Your Own Falcons Fan Slogan

If not "Rise Up", then what?


Over the past few months, I've seen a lot of disdain towards the slogan "Rise Up" as it is used by the Falcons. Some of you think it's just lame, while others feel that Rise Up is being forced upon the fans and that makes it less fun. is your chance to create a new slogan for the Falcons. They won't actually use this slogan (unless it's extra awesome and someone notices) but this is just for fun. My thing with saying "I think this is bad" is that I believe you should have an idea of your own if you're going to publicly lay waste to something.

I personally think Rise Up is cool. I don't know that it's something to yell at the games themselves, but it's more of a pre-game hype train slogan. I'd liken it to "Roll Tide" but those two words are used so frequently and out of context, I don't even think they're related to anything other than, "I wish a tsunami would break over your house."

Let's look at some other things that fans of other teams in the NFL do:

Broncos: Their fans yell "IN-COM-PLETE!" whenever there's an incomplete pass. I personally think this is awesome, but how do you get something like that going? I don't know.

Saints: They yell "Who Dat", but I'm happy to announce I have discovered who "dat" is.

Bengals: They yell "Who dey?" which is acceptable.

Some small portion of Falcons fans in that one corner of the Dome I sat in for the TB game in 2008: Whenever we got a first down, one guy would yell, "First and 10!" then the small portion of fans would yell "Do it again! Go birds go!" and then we'd repeat it once. I thought that was pretty cool.

I will offer up an idea. I think something like "Go Birds Go" after a first down would be awesome. For instance, the Falcons PA guy says "...for a Falcons...first down!" and then we yell in unison "GO BIRDS GO". I think that would be fun.

In any case, each team probably has some fans that yell all kinds of crazy things but I'd like to hear your take. Do you have an idea for a slogan that would work better than "Rise Up"? Do you have an idea for something that we could chant at games? We could start a trend here!

Brainstorm some ideas here. Let's see what kind of creative things you can show us!