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The Falcons Could Be Looking For Affordability At Free Safety

Louis Delmas could be in play, after all.

Andy Lyons

If the Falcons intend to cut Thomas DeCoud, they will need a replacement. While that statement is both obvious and oft-discussed thus far in 2014, we're not any closer to figuring out who that replacement will be.

Vaughn McClure takes a shot in his latest article, and judging from his report, the Falcons aren't necessarily looking to make a huge splash with their next free safety signing. will all come down to getting a "tough" player at a reasonable price. Bethea made $4.75 million last season, so he still might be out of the Falcons’ price range.

McClure says the Falcons have been in touch with Louis Delmas, but they're understandably moving slowly, likely because Delmas is an injury risk going forward no matter how healthy he is right now. He also suggests Antoine Bethea of the Colts as an option, but writes that Malcolm Jenkins might be out of the team's price range.

It's difficult to get a bead on exactly where that price range sits, but if what McClure's suggesting is accurate, then the Falcons are going to go veteran bargain shopping to fill free safety. If they get a solid player and quality tackler back there and make significant improvements to the front seven, that's a workable solution, but it certainly dashes our hopes for an elite-level safety like Jairus Byrd or T.J. Ward. At this point, Chris Clemons, Delmas or Bethea seem likelier.

If the Falcons are only going to spend a couple million dollars at free safety, who should the player be?