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There Will Be No Franchise Tag For The 2014 Atlanta Falcons

No one's worth it, frankly.

Kevin C. Cox

The deadline to franchise tag a player is tomorrow, and it promises to be a relatively quiet year for franchise-tagging activity. The Saints have given Jimmy Graham a non-exclusive tag, the Panthers have used theirs on Greg Hardy and teams from Washington to Buffalo are mulling keeping their premier players.

The Falcons won't be using their franchise tag in 2014. Their current crop of free agents is an unremarkable one, with no one standing out as an obvious candidate for the tag. Corey Peters would be a possibility, I suppose, but he's coming off injury and you don't really want to pay him like a top five defensive tackle, even for the 2014 season. The Falcons have also been extremely gunshy about using the tag under Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith.

Because this is evident to most of you, let's have a more interesting discussion. Where do you think Greg Hardy and Jimmy Graham will end up?