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NFL Free Agency 2014: Remaining Players Of Interest For The Falcons

We're six days in, the market's thinning and the Falcons may wait to shop. Who do they have a realistic shot of signing?


The Falcons aren't going to be major players in free agency the rest of the way, as I noted earlier today. That doesn't mean there aren't targets of interest out there as they sift through the bargain bin.

I've outlined players who are left who may be quality fits for the Falcons, or at least draw interest from the team. I'll be using a combination of past experience with the coaching staff, upside, price and role to determine these, so your ratings may vary.

Share yours after reading these, and use this as your tracker for the day.


Luke McCown: I know, you're aghast. McCown has experience in the Falcons' offense, he spent some time with the Saints and the Falcons are reportedly in the market for a veteran backup to Matt Ryan, don't be stunned to see it happen. Sean Renfree and Dominique Davis would presumably duke it out for the right to be the third quarterback in this scenario.

Tight End

Jermichael Finley: Still young, still talented, but coming off a catastrophic injury that has predictably led to a slow market for his services. If healthy, he'd be a nice player in Atlanta.

Owen Daniels: Older, but a reliable weapon. If the Falcons don't believe Levine Toilolo is going to take the next step in 2014, Daniels would be excellent veteran insurance.

Michael Palmer: Cheap, known to Mike Smith and Matt Ryan and a well-rounded if limited player.


Will Svitek: We all know what Svitek can bring to the table. He would be an option later this year if the Falcons find their incumbent set of players inadequate to play right tackle or back up Sam Baker on the left side.

Eric Winston: Winston didn't manage to pump his value back up on his one-year stint in Arizona, but he's a decidedly above average right tackle even at the age of 30. If the Falcons don't invest a draft pick and don't feel comfortable with Lamar Holmes or Mike Johnson, he's a thought.


Harvey Dahl: If Gabe Carimi isn't sticking at guard, the Falcons basically are looking at Harland Gunn as the backup. A lack of comfort with that could lead them to Dahl, who is declining fast but would be a strong backup option. The question would be cost.

Defensive End

Robert Ayers: Never a great pass rusher but a solid all-around player, Ayers could be a fit as a rotation guy at 3-4 end. He's played 4-3 end and defensive tackle for the Broncos and is coming off a 5.5 sack season.

Corey Wootton: Like Ayers, Wootton has the frame to play 3-4 end, but he could also potentially roll out to outside linebacker in the Falcons' scheme. Still just 26, he's a little underrated as a pass rusher, but his career numbers haven't reflected that to this point.

Defensive Tackle

Pat Sims: At this point, I'd be looking for a backup nose tackle, if anyone. Sims can play at about 320 and would be solid and likely reasonably priced, but the Falcons may have this locked down with Travian Robertson and Corey Peters behind Paul Soliai anyways.

Inside Linebacker

Arthur Moats: It's fair to wonder who will man ILB for the Falcons in 3-4 sets. Arthur Moats is a possibility, as he has been solid there for the Bills. He can also kick outside if necessary, though he's not a pass rushing asset there.

Pat Angerer: Purely a gamble. When healthy, Angerer's a thumper and a nice player as an ILB in 3-4 sets. Unfortunately, he's been hurt a lot over the last two seasons, which likely means he'll come dirt cheap.


Champ Bailey: There's reported interest, he'd be a quality veteran mentor and if healthy he could be an asset as a part-time player. I just would be wary of relying too heavily on it.

Carlos Rogers: Once again, a useful player, and a little younger than Bailey. Cost is the question.


Chris Clemons: The best safety left on the market, and the only guy I'd be comfortable saying would handily beat out a rookie in the year ahead.

Nate Allen: Young and distinctly average, but a decent and cheap stopgap. Just signed.

Kerry Rhodes: He may have been out for a year, but he was an above average free safety in 2012. If he's willing to come back, I'd take him.

Who've you got?