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What is your Falcons fandom breaking point?

Fact: Joe Hawley's tears don't cure anything

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I don't have to reiterate how frustrating 2013 was for Falcons fans everywhere. It was a year to forget, and with any luck, the 2014 season will help all of us do just that. In a perfect world, the Falcons come out swinging in late August, pummeling the competition en route to a number one seed, and eventually, a Lombardi trophy. In a not-so-perfect world, the Falcons endure yet another lackluster campaign, after which our pets' heads fall off.

I'm begging some questions here, so let me get to it. What is, at the end of the day, your personal breaking point? And along those lines, what's the closest you've come to calling it quits?

None of us are perfect, meaning at some point, whether we will publicly admit it or not, each of us has threatened to abandon the Falcons forever. Sure, football is just a sport, until it isn't. Logical or not, we invest a lot of emotional capital in the Falcons. Their successes directly affect us, as do their shortcomings.

The closest I've ever come? it goes back a bit. Hate to admit this, but here goes: when Bobby Petrino left the Falcons in a lurch and it was readily apparent the Falcons weren't going to welcome back Michael Vick (something I'd have supported at the time), I became a doubter. Heading into the 2008 draft, I wasn't sure the Falcons were worth it anymore. I thought, "heck, why don't I at least find a team with a quarterback?" And then the impossible happened and the Falcons, bucking draft experts everywhere, selected a young, slightly green Matthew Thomas Ryan out of Boston College with the fourth pick in the draft. The rest is history.

So what about y'all? What's your personal breaking point? Ever get close? No judgment here, folks.