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2014 NFL Free Agency: The Waiting Game Begins

The Falcons got in and got out on their impact players. Now what?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I predicted the Falcons would strike quickly in free agency, and sure enough, they finished the first day having re-signed Joe Hawley and Jonathan Babineaux, in addition to adding Tyson Jackson, Jon Asamoah and Paul Soliai. That was the initial round, and now the Falcons will wait.

Aaron Freeman of FalcFans talked a little bit about the Falcons' habit of waiting to acquire free agent talent as it becomes available, or scouting where deals can be had in the trade market and then moving on them:

It's a smart point, and it's one that should repeat itself in 2014. The Falcons don't want to be suckered in to overpaying for an average or worse starting safety, and they don't want to throw a bunch of money at aging pass rushers like Jared Allen and Julius Peppers. They'll either wait for their values to fall or try to find a steal on the market, the way they did with Asante Samuel just a couple of years ago.

Who are the targets, then? The Falcons are extremely likely to draft a safety, so they may choose to roll with a decent veteran who can hold down the job for a bit. They could deal away a seventh for a player like Rafael Bush if they wanted to get creative, or simply sign Chris Clemons, Nate Allen or Ryan Clark if they manage to last a few weeks. The point is, this is what the Falcons have made a habit of over the years, and with somewhere in the neighborhood of $6 million left factoring in rookie contracts, it's prudent to look for deals.

That may mean we're waiting weeks to see the next signing, but if it brings in quality players, the wait will be worth it. Who do you think the Falcons are targeting?