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Falcons Salary Cap: There's Roughly $11.77 In Available Space, Per The NFLPA

The Falcons still have a little bit of money to hand out in free agency, if they use it wisely.


The Atlanta Falcons are sitting on close to $12 million in cap space, per a report from the NFLPA.

This accounts for every signing and cut for these Falcons to this point, so it should be a pretty accurate picture. For what it's worth, Vaughn McClure has a little more, D. Orlando Ledbetter has a little less and Scott Carasik has pretty much exactly that.

The important question is, what will the Falcons do with this money? They'll need to sink somewhere shy of $5 million into their rookies, which leaves them $6-plus million to work with. That's enough to get a couple of decent options at positions of need, likely after the market settles and some cuts come to fruition. If I had to guess, I'd still go with a veteran free safety, perhaps a veteran tight end and a veteran pass rusher if they're feeling adventurous, but all three will have to be relatively cheap. If you structure the deals intelligently, it's possible to get all three, but the Falcons may want to address the last one via the draft.

What do you think the Falcons will do with this cap space?