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Falcons Re-Sign C Joe Hawley

The Atlanta Falcons have re-signed Joe Hawley, the starting center down the stretch in 2013.


The Falcons have ensured they'll have legitimate competition for the starting job at center, bringing back Joe Hawley. Per Adam Caplan:

I haven't seen the financials, but this is a smart move. Hawley played well down the stretch at center, he's still young and he's not likely to be prohibitively expensive. He graded out above average in his starts last season, and aside from one botched snap was a model of consistency. It goes without saying that he was a huge upgrade Peter Konz's 2013 trainwreck of a season at center.

Hawley will compete directly with Peter Konz for the starting center job. If Konz wins out, he'll be valuable depth for the next couple of years, but will still have the chance to hit the market again in his prime. If Hawley wins out, the Falcons have their center for 2014 and possibly 2015, without locking in a long-term deal. It's a smart deal for both parties, and all Hawley has to do now is show up ready to win a starting job.

It's not an impact signing at center by any stretch of the imagination, but it gives the Falcons a chance to roll into 2014 with confidence that they'll have a legitimate position battle between two young players who might have their best days ahead of them. You could do far worse, and I honestly believe Hawley could do well as a starter over 16 games. Hawley's beard also remains glorious, so I fully support this.

Your thoughts on the Hawley-resigning?