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Falcons keep augmenting, shuffling coaching staff

Fact: Freddie Falcon doesn't spend his off-season worrying about coaching changes. Respect.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's obvious the Falcons' front office came away from the 2013 season thinking the coaching staff needed some work. They've already replaced their offensive line and defensive line coaches, bringing aboard Mike Tice and Bryan Cox. Also hired was longtime Ravens assistant, Wade Harman, as assistant offensive line coach.

In short, they've been busy on the coaching front, overhauling the coaching staff inasmuch as you can without replacing coordinators. Today the Falcons announced some additional changes, promoting Mark Collins and hiring Andrew Thacker.

Collins is a guy who the Falcons must believe can assist with their pass rush. As a defensive assistant, he's been an integral part of creating what pass rush the Falcons have generated over the past four seasons. I know what you're thinking, we've generated pass rush? Well keep in mind he was just an assistant, and the Falcons thought enough of him to retain his services, notwithstanding the firing of Ray Hamilton. That says something, in my mind.

Thacker is coming to the pro ranks for the first time. I could see him being a definite player's coach, having played safety at Furman between 2004 and 2007. His stepfather was a high school coach in Georgia, ingraining the self-described "Georgia boy" with plenty of football smarts.

Both men have ties to Georgia, Collins as a graduate assistant with the 2nd ranked Georgia Bulldogs in 2007. Thacker again is from Georgia. I like the moves, and I think they'll help the Falcons become a better team. So yeah, they have my stamp of approval.

Your thoughts?