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Falcons Potentially Interested in Champ Bailey

In an article discussing potential moves in free agency, ESPN suggests three players the Falcons could sign. Specifically, some guy named Champ Bailey. I know. I've never heard of him either.

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Champ Bailey got hops.
Champ Bailey got hops.
Joe Robbins

The always great Vaughn McClure put together a great free-agency primer that gives us some ideas on both where Atlanta wants to improve and what players they are likely considering. I would highly recommend giving it a read and bookmarking his section of ESPN. Vaughn first reported the team's interest in Jon Asamoah as well as the specifics of Corey Peters' contract.

Here are his thoughts on free agency.

[I]f recently released Champ Bailey is willing to play nickelback, don’t be surprised if the Falcons try to bring the veteran back to his home state.

Champ Bailey, of course, was a top talent at the University of Georgia before being drafted seventh overall back in 1999. The 6'0", 192 pound corner is a 12 (!!!) time Pro Bowler with 52 career interceptions and nearly 700 tackles. He recently said he had no plans to retire after being cut from the Denver Broncos.

Bailey is obviously slowing down going into his age-36 season, however, that lesser-speed would make him a better fit at nickelback where top speed isn't as necessary. Bailey's experience and instincts could make him a very good nickelback.

Bringing in Bailey would also help tutor both Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford, two cornerbacks who impressed in their rookie seasons. Robert McClain, who had a poor 2013, will likely be relegated to only dime packages. Bailey would seem to be an immediate upgrade to the secondary.

Anyone else want to bring Bailey back to Georgia?