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Falcons May Have Four Compensatory Picks In The 2014 NFL Draft

One new calculation has the Falcons getting four more picks in the upcoming draft.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

The Falcons won't be short on picks in the 2014 NFL Draft, particularly if this report from's Jimmy Kempski proves accurate.

Kempski has the Falcons getting a total of four compensatory picks in the upcoming draft, which is the maximum total possible. Here's the full list:

  • 5th rounder for Brent Grimes
  • 7th rounder for Will Svitek
  • 7th rounder for Chris Owens
  • 7th rounder for Luke McCown

That's not a bad haul. Some have predicted the Falcons would get a fourth round pick for Grimes, so I hold out some hope for that. Still, a fifth rounder and three sevenths gives the Falcons the ability to fill some needs late in the draft or package a few late picks to go up and grab a player they like in the middle-to-late rounds. I'll certainly take this. Just remember that compensatory picks can't be traded.

Here's a longer explanation from Kempski about what makes Atlanta's situation complicated and a little unique.

Atlanta has the most variables affecting their situation. As is mentioned above McCown had a low salary and few game snaps, but I believe that he is just over the qualification threshold. Sidbury was signed for a little less, and did not play at all, so he was not counted. It would not matter if he did count, as Atlanta reached their four-pick limit. The Falcons also signed two players coming off of "voidable" deals. Stephen Jackson voided his contract in St. Louis, and the Giants voided their contract with Osi Umenyiora. I treated Jackson as a qualified player because it was not the team’s decision to lose him.  Umenyiora’s "voidable" deal was just a way to push money to the future for cap purposes, so I did not reward the team for losing him. If Jackson is not counted, it could give Atlanta another 7th round pick if they have not hit their limit. If Umenyiora counts as a signing, it would likely take away a 7th round pick, but there is a slight chance Atlanta could lose their 5th for Grimes.

Your thoughts on the compensatory picks? Many thanks to Kempski for breaking this down.