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Falcons Hire Wade Harman As Assistant Offensive Line Coach

The Falcons are still rounding out their coaching staff as they move toward a more glorious 2014.

The Falcons have hired former Ravens tight ends coach Wade Harman to be their new assistant offensive line coach under Mike Tice, per Ravens Insider.

Harman has a reputation as a "low-key, upbeat" coach, which will give the Falcons a little bit of a contrast of styles with the more brash Tice. During his 15 seasons in Baltimore, he worked closely with Shannon Sharpe, Todd Heap and Dennis Pitta, among others. He was fired at the end of January.

There were more established offensive line coaches out there who could have been brought aboard as assistants, but it's not clear how many of them would have been willing to work under another coach. Harman has a ton of experience with one of the NFL's model organizations, so hopefully he can be an asset in this capacity. It's worth noting that he worked with Tice during the '97 and '98 seasons as an assistant in Minnesota.

Harman's not going to be a tight ends coach for this team, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he worked with Levine Toilolo to improve the young player's blocking. The Falcons seem like they're ready to invest the time and energy into turning Toilolo into an asset, which is encouraging to see.

Your thoughts on the hire?