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Atlanta Falcons 2013 Center Review: Learning to Cope With Disappointment

Here at the Falcoholic we are like a support group. A support group that helps you deal with the disappointment, depression and drinking caused by your 2013 Falcons. Today we look at the center position.


According to WikiHow, the first step of dealing with disappointment is to let your feelings out. I would highly recommend the comments section. Regardless, read on and let the healing begin. Before you know it we will be "moving forward" and fully coping with the 2013 Atlanta Falcons and not quietly sobbing in front of our computer.

The Roster

With the retirement of, and very short flirtation with, Todd McClure, Atlanta was left with some young whipper snappers who couldn't possibly be that bad. Konz had an OK rookie year and should only improve from here on out.

  • Peter Konz
  • Joe Hawley

I briefly wondered if Konz was one of the worst centers in the league or one of the worst guards in the league. According to Pro Football Focus, both are correct, but the Falcons still list him as a center. Oh, and Thomas Dimitroff still loves himself some Konz. I wonder if Dimitroff is nearing Sam Baker-level of infatuation with Konz.


Konz struggled so badly some injuries would have really helped out the position. In his ten games at center, Konz had one positive ranking from PFF. Also, I must have forgotten that game because Konz playing well doesn't jog any memories. He and Hawley stayed pretty healthy.

Best Game

Week 11 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, when Peter Konz was finally benched. Well, Konz was briefly moved to right guard before Gerald McCoy almost murdered Matt Ryan, then he was benched. This was the start of adding some semblance of stability to the center position and Hawley put together a nice, average campaign. Short of one game, Hawley was pretty good. I'm not sure if Hawley will ever be great but he could be a nice guy to keep on the roster.

Worst Game

Week 17 against the Carolina Panthers. It feels weird that Konz, the 2nd worst rated center, didn't win this award of shame. I liked what Hawley did when he was playing at center but this game was atrocious.

Hawley was eaten alive in every aspect of the game and he rated worse in week 17 than any game Konz has ever had in his career. Run blocking? Awful. Pass blocking? Atrocious. I would talk about how the game ended, but that will come later.

Best Moment

I don't think there were any. Maybe someone actually blocked for Steven Jackson but I cannot say that for a fact.

Worst Moment

The Hawley snap against the Carolina Panthers.

Atlanta was somehow putting together a nice offensive drive against a vaunted defense, threatening to win the game. Fans were once again given hope. "Maybe this team is much better than their record," you might say to yourself. We beat Carolina, you get that promotion at work and your hair starts coming back. Everything is finally turning around.

Then in pure 2013 Falcons fashion, Hawley randomly hikes the ball down the field and our season is over.

Players Under Contract

Peter Konz. 2014: $716,236, 2015: $879,354

End of list? Oh. No.

Final Grade: D

Konz was an unmitigated disaster on the line. Pretty much anyone who wasn't Justin Blalock was a major liability on the offensive line and the offense predictably struggled. Hawley was a very nice improvement and is the only reason I didn't award an F-.

The Falcons don't have anyone on the roster who can play center (Konz included) so smart money is on Hawley being resigned to add competition to the center/guard position.