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NFL Free Agency 2014: Free agent list for the Atlanta Falcons

Here's the list of true free agents for the Atlanta Falcons this year.


NFL free agency is just over a month away, and with that will come plenty of healthy debate over which impending Falcons free agents should be resigned. Heck, we started on that in October.

I thought it would be useful to remind everyone who these free agents are, particularly for you needs-based mock drafters out there.

Atlanta Falcons

Chase Coffman, TE
Sean Locklear, OL
Jeremy Trueblood, OL
Joe Hawley, OL
Mike Johnson, OL
Jonathan Babineaux, DT
Peria Jerry, DT
Corey Peters, DT
Omar Gaither, LB
Dominique Franks, CB

I believe the Falcons will attempt to bring back Peters, Franks, Jerry or Babs and potentially Hawley. Beyond that, everyone on this list should be out the door.

Anyone not on the list is either restricted or exclusive rights, which means the Falcons should have no trouble re-signing them and we don't need to spend a ton of time worrying. Who do you hope the Falcons will keep?