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Falcons Take Julio Jones and 10 Others Off Injured Reserve

Seriously, eleven players went on I.R. for the Falcons.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Did you know that the 2013 Atlanta Falcons had 11 players hit injured reserve? I knew the number was high, but here it is, staring us in the face.

A hat tip to reader Falconious for posting this list of transactions from CBS Sports. Yesterday, the Falcons activated those 11 players off injured reserve and can now begin sorting through who they will and will not be keeping around for 2014. Here's the full list:

2/3 Corey Peters DT Taken off IR, Achilles
2/3 Zeke Motta S Taken off IR, neck
2/3 Mike Johnson G Taken off IR, left ankle, fibula
2/3 Sam Baker T Taken off IR, left knee
2/3 Adam Nissley TE Taken off IR, undisclosed
2/3 Saeed Lee CB Taken off IR, undisclosed
2/3 Julio Jones WR Taken off IR, foot
2/3 Sean Renfree QB Taken off IR, shoulder
2/3 A Szczerba TE Taken off IR, undisclosed
2/3 K Biermann DE Taken off IR, torn right Achilles
2/3 Bradie Ewing RB Taken off IR, separated left shoulder

I've highlighted the five players who seem most likely to have significant roles in 2014. Motta should make the team as a backup, Mike Johnson might be re-signed as depth and Sean Renfree should compete for the backup quarterback job. It's anyone's guess whether Szczerba, Nissley or Lee will hang around this upcoming season.

This list illustrates the Falcons' injury problem in 2013, with five expected starters and some valuable depth suffering a season-ending injury at some point. May 2014 bring less injuries to our favorite football team.