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McShay: Falcons are sitting pretty at six

Fact: Freddie Falcon never retreats; he just attacks in the opposite direction

Kevin C. Cox

There's still more than two months until the draft, and if you're like me, further dissection of the Falcons options with the sixth pick could induce uncontrollable, projectile vomiting. By now, you're probably a fan of one of several prospects. From Clowney to Mack to Robinson, the Falcons have choices. Eventually they'll need to make a choice. If you ask Todd McShay, the Falcons shouldn't trade up or down. I know most of you don't have Insider, but here's the relevant portion of that article.

"I spoke with Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff this week, and I came away thinking about what a good spot the Falcons are in as it relates to the draft ... my opinion is that the smart play would be for the Falcons to stay put, as there’s a very good chance that one of the top three players -- Clowney, Robinson and Mack, all of whom play at need positions for the Falcons -- could drop to them ... [because as] many as two or three QBs potentially [will go in] the top five picks, the Falcons stand to benefit by landing a top-tier talent at No. 6. It’s a good position for them to be in."

I agree with McShay. Let's not forget how lucky we are to have the sixth pick in such a deep draft. As you know, draft picks aren't ever guaranteed. They're not Rolexes. You do your homework, then you use your best judgment. That said, teams aren't often in a position to address three different positions of need. Absent their poor depth and lackluster 2013, the Falcons wouldn't be in this position. But they are, and for me, it's an interesting, albeit unfortunate, twist of fate.

So, amidst all this discussion of who we should draft sixth in the draft, try not to overlook the Falcons' ideal draft position. Remember that the majority of NFL teams, at least for draft-related purposes, would prefer to be in our position.