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Falcons Punter Review: The Mighty Leghammer Of Matt Bosher

The man, the myth, the punter.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Matt Bosher is the Platonic ideal of a punter.

The Falcons were ninth in average yardage per punt, 12th in net, near the bottom of the NFL in touchbacks and tied for seventh in fair catches. A lot of that has to do with Bosher, who has a huge leg and a great sense of where to drop the ball to give the coverage team the best possible shot to drop the returner. He's probably not the best punter in the NFL, but he's in the conversation for the top five or ten and he's more or less universally beloved by fans. He's also a capable, willing tackler who stays in every play. Quite the set of accomplishments for someone who the fanbase virulently hated through the first several weeks of his rookie season.

If you want to quibble with Bosher's performance in any way, it's worth noting that he had two punts blocked, and has had a total of five blocked in three seasons with the Falcons. That has everything to do with the relatively low angle at which the ball leaves Bosher's leg, but I wouldn't want to see him tinker too much. Blocking could play a role in that as well, and we all know how that went in 2013.

It's clear that Bosher was a bright spot in a terrible year, any way you slice it.

Best games: Week 2 and Week 13

Two contrasting performances here. Against St. Louis, Bosher boomed six punts for an average of 53 yards. The foolish Rams attempted to return four of those and managed only six yards, thanks in part to some sick hangtime on Bosher's part. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better performance.

Unless you look at Week 13 against the Bills. Bosher punted seven times that day for a paltry 39.7 yard average, but he dropped four of those punts inside the 20 yard line and forced three fair catches. It was the kind of day that shows off how intelligent Bosher is with his placement.

Worst game: Week 3

Against the Dolphins, Bosher punted but twice for a 33 yard average. Alas.

Best Moment: The tackle and taunt combo against the Jets

My God, I forgot how amazing this was.





Worst moment: Blocked punts

Getting your punt blocked never feels good.

Years Under Contract

2014: $668,950

Extend this man.

Roster changes

None. Bosher is one of the better punters in the NFL, he's young and he's a willing tackler. He'll be here in 2014 and hopefully beyond.

Final Grade: A

You could knock this down to an A- for the blocked punts if that's a major concern in your eyes, but we need some feel-good here. Bosher did everything you could possibly ask a punter to do in 2013, and he should be a reliable option as long as he's in Atlanta.

So he gets an A from me. How about you?