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If the Falcons Could Make Only One Move this Offseason...

If the Falcons could make only one move this offseason to shore up weaknesses on the team, what should that move be?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There's lots of talk these days about who the Falcons might pursue in free agency or whether or not they'll move up in the draft to select a player like Jadeveon Clowney. For the sake of discussion, let's say that the Falcons can only make one big move this offseason. With so many glaring needs on both sides of the ball, what should that move be?

Along the offensive line, the Falcons have begun to attempt to address the weaknesses by signing Gabe Carimi and then promptly cut ties with right guard Garrett Reynolds. That leaves the overpaid Sam Baker, who was abysmal before landing on injured reserve last season; Peter Konz, who was terrible at not one, but two positions last season; Lamar Holmes, who--yeah--and Justin Blalock, who was by far the least offensive of the Falcons' offensive linemen last season.

The team is not in a position to absorb the dead money impact that would result from cutting Baker, and Thomas Dimitroff has expressed confidence in Konz as a starting center, so any move that results in either of those players being cut isn't realistic. Atlanta could negotiate with Brandon Albert to replace Lamar Holmes, even though it would likely cost them around $10 million a year, so that seems unlikely. A deal with Cleveland's Alex Mack to replace Konz also seems unlikely. We already know that Dimitroff likes Jake Matthews, Greg Robinson, and Taylor Lewan as potential draft targets. What one move could the Falcons realistically make to improve the offensive line this offseason?

The Falcons' other pressing need is establishing some kind of an effective pass rush, and they have a few options for addressing that need. First and foremost, they can move up in the 2014 NFL Draft and select Jadeveon Clowney. They could also probably select Khalil Mack with the sixth-overall pick. They could try to work out a deal with Greg Hardy or Michael Johnson in free agency to address the need.

If the Falcons could make only one of these moves this offseason, which would have the greatest positive impact on the team's performance in 2014? What one realistic move do you think the Falcons should try to make this offseason?