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Falcons Kicker Review: Matt Bryant, Still Money

Matty B can solve your kicking woes in a heartbeat.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Though we saw plenty of problems elsewhere on the team, the kicking game was once again a strength of the Falcons last season.

And as far as the older half of that tandem goes, Matt Bryant showed no signs of slowing down. In his 13th season in the NFL, the 38 year-old placekicker made 24 of his 27 field goal attempts, including three from 50 yards or further. He made all his extra points, as well.

In fact, across his four-and-a-half seasons in Atlanta, Bryant has made over 88 percent of his field goal tries. For a guy that essentially joined mid-season in 2009 off the free agent scrap heap, that is some excellent, sustained production.

Best Game: Week 13

The Falcons escaped Buffalo with a narrow overtime victory and couldn't have done so without Bryant, who hit a 49-yard field goal as the first half expired and then nailed a 36-yarder to win the game in overtime. Not bad for a December game in Toronto.

Worst Game: Week 14

One week later, Bryant missed his only kick of the game and the Falcons lost by one point in Lambeau. Yet another frustrating game of 2013.

Worst Moment

Hey, you can't say that about our kicker! Gotta love division rivalries. Now is the time to remind Panthers fans that they cannot afford to keep Greg Hardy.

Best Moment

Is this from last year? Yes, yes it is. But I'm still calling it the best moment because it will always be Matt Bryant's moment.

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Cheers, Matty B.

Years Under Contract

2014: $2.75 million

Roster Changes

Not this season. Bryant is 38, however, so you have to think that maybe we see a changing of the guard at kicker in 2015.

Final Grade: A

No, he wasn't a force on kickoffs or a tackling machine a la Matt Bosher. But the Falcons asked him to excel at one thing - field goals - and that he did. Here's to another year of Money at kicker.