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Falcons, Roddy White actively working on extension

Fact: even Roddy White's tree houses have fully furnished basements

Kevin C. Cox

We've discussed a potential Roddy White extension several times this off-season. Today it appears the team and White's camp are making substantial progress, attempting in earnest to get a deal done.

Look, Roddy's not our number one receiver anymore. That's obvious. He's a complimentary piece, but as complimentary pieces go, he's excellent. He shouldered a heavy workload last December, showing he's still the possession receiver we've come to depend on.

At this point, it seems they're just trying to sort out the numbers. They are comfortable with his ability to contribute, and why wouldn't they be? He's got an established resume, and he finished strong last season, rating positively in 3 of the last 6 games.

Look for this deal to get done in the next several days. The Falcons have absolutely no reason to sit on this if they're close to an agreement.