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Mike Smith: Konz to compete for center job

Fact: Peter Konz regularly has staring contests with his own reflection

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Peter Konz just hasn't been the football player we expected him to be. Even to the casual fan, he's been a disappoint,  just some kid who's done a poor job replacing Todd McClure. And it's a fair sentiment, it really is. But alas, the Falcons aren't done with him yet.

"The word is going to be competition across the board," Smith said. "[Konz] will compete at the center position. Again, I think the more flexibility we have in the offensive line gives us a better opportunity to come up with the best five and then, in turn, gives us the ability to come up with the best seven because on game day, you're playing with seven. And you've got to be able to have flexibility."

I know what you're thinking: "of course he'll compete, but that doesn't mean he'll play!"

I hear you. But for what it's worth, he did beat out Joe Hawley last season. Assuming Hawley is re-signed, and I'm inclined to think he will be, there's a good possibility he wins that camp battle again. Konz isn't lacking in football IQ, notwithstanding his other deficiencies.

For Konz, the primary problem is strength. With the Falcons giving him a strength-related directive, let's hope he arrives at camp stronger than ever. If he doesn't, he won't wear a Falcons uniform much longer. There's also the right guard issue. I'm quite sure if we rectify that turnstile, Konz's play will improve almost immediately. In short, it's entirely possible he turns it around in 2014. Mike Smith seemingly believes that as well.

Your thoughts?