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Don't Expect The Falcons To Spend Big On Wide Receivers, Running Backs

The Falcons are revealing their priorities early in 2014.


The Falcons' offseason plans are obvious yet opaque. We know they'll target the offensive and defensive lines and we know they'll make a bigger splash than usual in free agency, but there's also a degree of uncertainty about the specific players involved.

The bigger question mark involves the non-priority positions. Many Falcons fans would ilke to upgrade the running back corps and add a receiver or two, not to mention a tight end to compete with Levine Toilolo. That's a reasonable request, but with one caveat: That help is going to come down the depth chart, and much of it will come in the draft.

Simply put, the Falcons can't afford to roll too much money into any of these positions. While it's tempting to add an impact wide receiver or a steady veteran back to positions already decently loaded with talent, it takes away money that is desperately needed for the lines. Bringing aboard a Maurice Jones-Drew or especially a Jimmy Graham is a ton of money to be spending to address a problem of limited scope, given that Matt Ryan and the offense already have plenty of firepower. They just need a line to work with.

I know I'm approaching constant buzzkill status with all this dismissal of free agents, but the bottom line is that the clearest path back to contention for the Falcons lies in upgraded lines. Do expect the Falcons to add a running back like LSU's Alfred Blue or West Virginia's Charles Sims, and a dynamic wide receiver with return ability like Dri Archer could be on the docket as well. It just isn't likely that the Falcons will spend $5 million or so to add a third fiddle for Julio Jones and Roddy White.

Your thoughts?