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Thomas Dimitroff Speaks At Combine, Indicates Openness To Trading Up

The Falcons' general manager met briefly with the media today and shared thoughts about the Falcons and the NFL Draft.


Thomas Dimitroff spoke to the media at the NFL Scouting Combine today, continuing his habit of being either unusually candid or typically evasive, depending on your perspective.

Especially interesting were Dimitroff's comments on trading up in the draft, the addition of Billy Devaney and Russ Bollinger to the scouting staff and what the Falcons are looking for in prospects. I'll let you judge where the offseason is going by these comments, if such a thing is possible.

Here's a sampling of Dimitroff's comments, with my comments below. Hat tip to those reporters providing the comments and context.

That hair, though.

Bollinger's going to dive right in as the Falcons attempt to add young talent to the offensive line. Don't know what round we're talking, but it's coming.

I've been warning you guys not to rule this out. This could be the mother of all smokescreens, but with the Falcons picking at #6 with obvious needs that aren't quarterback, it's possible he's already got the deal in place to go up and snatch Jadeveon Clowney if he's there. Lot of time between now and the trade, but again, keep an open mind to this possibility.

Interesting, to say the least. Only a couple of weeks away from free agency, so the Falcons may be letting guys test the market.

Then again, if they like multiple players in the Top Ten...

In other words, don't expect any new deals for Roddy White, Julio Jones, and others until after the Falcons lock down their free agent needs. They have the cap space to do so without needing the restructured contracts.

The Falcons, like most front offices, don't really giving a flying bird of prey about anybody's mock drafts or character concerns for prospects unless they identify them. Makes sense.

Dimitroff talked about "rugged" players, but not "thugs." The Falcons aren't going to suddenly open the floodgates to every dude who (allegedly) beat up an Ohio State fan, so you can't expect significantly relaxed character standards here.

Did you know that Thomas Dimitroff and I sound vaguely alike and are both fond of using big words for no reason? It's true, and probably also annoying.

This really was the thrust of what he was saying, in his typical roundabout way. The Falcons sound like they have a strong plan to get better, and whether that works or not, it's reassuring to see the confidence.

Your reaction to these comments?