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Mike Smith's 2014 Scouting Combine Comments

The Falcons head coach took fifteen minutes to speak to the media. Here's the highlights.


Mike Smith spoke to the media at the 2014 Scouting Combine today, sharing wide-ranging thoughts on the draft, the team's current roster and the disappointing 2013 ground game, among other topics. I wasn't there to ask my usual brand of hard-hitting questions, unfortunately, but I was able to round up highlights from the presser via Twitter.

Here's some of the most interesting comments Smith made today, with my notes below.

At the podium, lookin' Smitty.

Carimi's position is far from settled, then. The Falcons will try him out at RG and RT and see if he sticks at either spot as depth or, in an improbable scenario, as a starter.

If you thought Steven Jackson was gone, nope. The team clearly believes most of the problems originated from the line, and they're right to think that.

Levine Toilolo will get every chance to win a starting job. Sounds like the Falcons hope to use him creatively.

Worth noting that Smith also addressed Zack Martin specifically, once again. Lot of people are making that connection early.

Doesn't tell you much except that the Falcons hope to be active.

We all know how good Trufant was in his rookie season, and the Falcons are incredibly high on his potential. It's likely we haven't seen his best.

I don't see Osi getting the axe, but if as McClure says they take steps to add multiple pieces at defensive end, it's certainly possible he's gone.

Worth keeping an eye on both of these players. Ford in particular could be an option if the Falcons don't go Jadeveon Clowney or Khalil Mack in the first round.


Man, let's hope so.

Thoughts regarding these comments? Nothing too illuminating, but it's worth noting that Osi could be in limbo depending on who the Falcons sign and draft, S-Jax is safe and the Falcons are feeling like they can crush the 2014 NFL Draft Look for Thomas Dimitroff's comments tomorrow starting at 11 a.m.