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Mike Smith, Thomas Dimitroff Will Speak At The 2014 Combine

The coach and general manager of the Atlanta Falcons may have interesting remarks for us.

Todd Kirkland

Nearly every head coach and general manager in the NFL will speak to reporters at the 2014 NFL Scounting Combine this week. The question is when, and what they'll say.

I can answer both of those questions with some degree of accuracy. The Falcons aren't likely to say much of value, given that they've already been asked about team needs and that they'll have just 15 minutes or so in front of the assembled media. Do look for both Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff to comment on positions of need and potentially a couple of players, if pressed. We'll have their most interesting comments here.

As for when, well, here you go. You can find a full list for all teams at SBNation.

Mike Smith, 11:45 a.m., Thursday, February 20

Thomas Dimitroff, 11 a.m., Friday, February 21

Will you be watching for their comments?