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Roddy White Arrested On Warrant For Violation

Nothing to see here, folks, keep moving.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Roddy White was arrested this morning for just about the most benign reason you can possibly imagine.

So forgetting to pay a fine for window tint, which is certainly a crime but not a significant one. I'm not sure our hearts will heal from this cruel betrayal, Roddy White.

The only interesting thing here is that the Falcons apparently have a tint ring going, per Marvez's last Tweet. The Falcoholic's writers were trying to figure out who he was talking about and came up with Michael Turner's traffic arrest and possibly Jonathan Babineaux's arrest all those years ago. The question is, are there other player vehicles going around with heavily tinted windows that we don't know about? Let's hope not.

Slow news days, folks. Slow news days.