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The Falcons Should Find Plenty of Depth Amongst Free Agents

Cuts are coming for every NFL team, and there may be some gems in there.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are a team with some depth concerns. You can make a strong case that young players arrived on the scene in 2013 and can be relied on going forward, but when you're hanging your hopes on second-and-third year UDFAs at some key positions, you have to tread carefully.

With enough cap space to handle a few signings, the Falcons are going to want to watch other teams closely and see if there are quality players who are released or simply land in free agency. The focus will always and quite naturally be on the big names in free agency, from Michael Johnson to Jairus Byrd. You just can't build an entire roster out of those types of players.

I want to see your list of potential depth signings, but here's a quick look at a handful of players I believe may be cut and could be helpful for the Falcons.

  • Jeff Cumberland, TE: The former Jet is a solid blocker who can be a legitimate red zone weapon in the right situation. I think he'd be a nice fit for the Falcons, who are going to try to make Levine Toilolo their starter and could use someone with a little more experience and a well-rounded skill set.
  • Vance Walker, DT: It's a natural fit. Walker is familiar with this Falcons team, he's a legitimate threat as a pass rusher and adding him would be infinitely preferable to leaning on Peria Jerry or unproven commodities like Travian Robertson and Adam Replogle.
  • Ellis Lankster, CB: Another Jet, I know. Lankster would be a cheap depth signing at cornerback, but he's a solid special teamer and surprisingly decent in coverage. The Falcons could do much worse for their fifth cornerback.

Who ya got?