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What Position Is The Biggest Priority For The Atlanta Falcons?

Through free agency or the NFL Draft, the Falcons must address

Kevin C. Cox

The Falcons head into the 2014 offseason with plenty of questions. One of the biggest and most divisive of those questions is this:

What position is the biggest need?

There may well be no one right answer to that. The Falcons clearly need better blocking up front on the offensive line and better run defense and pass rushing skills on the defensive side, and you can make solid cases for a half-dozen other positions outside of those two glaring issues, but that's where most of us would start.

So I pose this question to you: What is the single biggest need? If the Falcons can only swing one huge free agent contract, or if they're going to use their first pick wisely, what position would they address?

Identify the biggest priority in the poll below, and discuss.