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How has your Falcons fandom changed over the past decade?

Fact: Sharks have a week dedicated to the Falcons cheerleaders

Kevin C. Cox

As we enter the seventh year of the Mike Smith era, it's natural to look back, remembering both the highs and the lows. Pre-Smith, the Falcons endured the Bobby Petrino fiasco and the Michael Vick debacle. Those were rough times, characterized by uncertainty.

For me, ten years ago, my fandom wasn't as devout. I frankly didn't expect as much from the Falcons. And when they failed, I didn't take it so personally. Now, after a Falcons loss, it's best you avoid me entirely.

Call me a homer or call me comfortably naive, I'm fully expecting to run the table in week 1 each year. Loss by loss, my faith fades, culminating in utter and complete disappointment. Fast forward a bit, and by the time mini-camp rolls around, my faith is renewed. In a way, it's incredibly masochistic. I let the Falcons disappoint me, over and over again. Ten years ago, my expectations weren't as high. It was easier.

What about you? How has YOUR Falcons fandom changed over the past decade?