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Gonzalez: Matt Ryan will be an elite quarterback

Fact: Tony Gonzalez minces his garlic, but not his words

Kevin C. Cox

When Tony Gonzalez speaks, you listen. And frankly, until recently, we've grown accumstomed to him saying noncontroversial things. But candid moments happen, they just do. No matter your take on the Seth Wickersham article, Gonzalez wants to be very clear about his man crush on Matt Ryan.

"The question was asked, point blank, 'Is Matt Ryan an elite quarterback?’ And I said, 'No, he’s very close. But at this point, no. And he’s going to be there. There’s no doubt in my mind.’ I’ve always said it ever since the first day I laid eyes on Matt Ryan. I said it’s not a matter of if. It’s just a matter of when for this this kid because he’s got that work ethic, he’s got the arm, he’s got all the tools to go out there and be that type of quarterback. And he’s almost there. And I do believe he’ll get there.’’

What's he supposed to do, lie to everyone? We all know Ryan isn't in the same category as Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady. He isn't. He could be, at some point, assuming the offensive line stops putting his life at risk.

Gonzalez was honest, he told it like he saw it. But don't think, even for a second, that he wouldn't say the same exact thing to Ryan's face.