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Falcons' PSL Plan Revealed After Open Records Request

Fact: Each Valentine's Day, Arthur Blank buys his wife a country. Last year, he bought her Paraguay.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Personal seat licenses are coming. Like it or not, they're an integral part of the Falcons' plans for a new stadium. And thanks to an open records request by the AJC's Tim Tucker, we now have access to their tentative plan, including many specifics we've only been guessing about to this point.

According to the agreement, payment of a one-time seat-license fee will provide the right to purchase Falcons season tickets in a specific seat for at least 30 years. All Falcons season tickets in the new stadium, regardless of seat location, will require a PSL.

The PSL will not include the right to buy tickets for the seat at other events held in the stadium.

Few things worth pointing out here. First, we still don't know how much these PSLs will cost. What we do know is that the price will vary, depending on the quality of the seat, and that PSLs will be transferable. The transferability of the PSLs likely means prices will fluctuate wildly, depending on "present market value" (i.e., however much you can sell them for).

Second, having a Falcons PSL won't confer rights to purchase tickets for other events held in the new stadium. NCAA tournament games, bowl games, et cetera, even if you have a PSL, you'll have to buy or steal tickets, just like the rest of us.

Lastly, PSLs will be in effect for 30 years, unless you don't buy your tickets on time. If you don't, your PSL can be revoked and resold, which, to be honest, makes sense.

Your thoughts?