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Willy Mo Always Ready to Show You His Home

HGTV's Front Door visited the home of Falcons safety William Moore for a feature.

Scott Cunningham

Falcons safety William Moore is an interesting guy. He hits like a truck on the field, and off the field, you've probably never seen someone more polite and engaging with fans. Moore's hard-hitting style of play earned him a Pro Bowl bid last season, and a sizable contract, and Moore's also known as an emerging rap artist.

Football player, rapper--Moore's vocations might lead you to believe that his residence would be opulent--and you would be right. Moore opened his doors to HGTV for a closer look at his lovely home.

Willy Mo's house features an indoor pool, a huge closet dedicated to very organized sneaker storage, and much more. What's most interesting, however, is Moore's common sense approach to pretty much everything involving money.

Moore spent his childhood in a one-bedroom apartment with his mother and three siblings, and that experience instilled a great deal of frugality in him. Moore mentioned to HGTV that he could have bought the house that Julio Jones now owns, but he waited, and was able to purchase his home as a foreclosure, saving a significant amount of money. Moore shops around for furniture to ensure that he can get the best price before committing to a purchase.

You can read the interview with Moore and check out pictures of his home on HGTV's website.