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Cowboys vs. Bears: Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Thursday Night Football featuring the Cowboys against the Bears has the potential to be a decent game and one with possible playoff implications that could impact the Falcons.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys will pay a visit to the Chicago Bears tonight for what is certain to be a frigid Thursday Night Football matchup. With this season being weird, not only in the NFC South, but across the NFC as a whole, tonight's game has some potential implications for Atlanta should they stay on top of the division and host a playoff game.

Dallas is currently 8-4, one game out of first in the NFC East, and they're nipping at the heels of the Seahawks and Lions, teams that are currently in position to snag the two NFC wildcard spots. Dallas started off strong, but a Tony Romo back injury and other factors have slowed them down a bit. This is the Cowboys' second consecutive Thursday Night Football appearance. They lost at home to Philadelphia on Thanksgiving with a final score of 31-10.

The Bears have had a relatively inconsistent season and have not been mathematically eliminated at this point, though at 5-7 and with Green Bay and Detroit battling for the NFC North title, the chances are slim that the Falcons would host the Bears Wildcard Weekend (which is good, as the first time the Falcons played the Bears this season was not particularly fun), but with Dallas nipping at the heels of Seattle and Detroit, seeing the winner of the NFC South host the Cowboys in a wildcard matchup is a pretty good possibility.

Enjoy the game, and discuss it here!