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How Green Bay Will Lose On Monday

Acme Packing Company explains a scenario in which the Green Bay Packers lose to the Atlanta Falcons.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Everyone wants to know how the Green Bay Packers might lose this game, because everyone in the entire world wants to see the plucky underdog Atlanta Falcons cinch up their belts and come out swinging and achieve the feel-good win of the year. Everyone.

To help us wrap our heads around the possibility of a Packers loss despite the odds working against it, we invited Jason Hirschhorn of Acme Packing Company to give us his impressions of how Green Bay might drop to 9-4 after the Monday night game. His answer follows.

Ignoring the possibility of injury, there aren't many ways one can foresee the Green Bay Packers losing on Sunday. They're undefeated at Lambeau Field this year, they have the league's best quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, and they face what most perceive as the worst division leader in the NFL.

Still, most wouldn't have guessed the St. Louis Rams would knock off the Denver Broncos a few weeks ago either. Strange things can happen in a football game, and it's not as though the Atlanta Falcons are devoid of talent.

One matchup that Atlanta could conceivably exploit and make things competitive is Julio Jones versus Green Bay's secondary. Even when fully manned this is a battle Jones could win, but the Packers may be without top cornerback Sam Shields. Shields, the team's fastest player, would have been paired with Jones most of the night. Without him Green Bay will likely rotate between Tramon Williams and Davon House. While both are quality corners in their own right, neither possesses the otherworldly speed of either Shields or Jones. If the Falcons can protect Matt Ryan, he could complete some big throws to his top receiver.

It's not overly inspiring that this is all he could think of, but I'll take it. The Ryan-to-Julio connection is potent.

How do you think Green Bay might drop this one?