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What Is The Toughest Division In The NFL?

Our nomination might surprise you.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

This week's Marshall Faulk question concerns divisions, and which one of the NFL's is the strongest in the year 2014.

The obvious answer here is the AFC North, where all four teams are in the running and playing at least decent football. You could nominate NFC West, too, given that the Rams are surging now. But those are easy answers, and if we know one thing as Falcons fans, it's that nothing should be easy.

So I'm going to argue for the NFC South. It takes toughness to endure the slings and barbs headed your way when your division is clearly the worst in football. It takes courage and guts to keep showing up every week when even a .500 record seems like a bit of an impossibility. And the fact that the Falcons and Saints are going out there and playing quality football games this late in the season speaks to the power of the human spirit, or something. And despite all the challenges, the Falcons and Saints are neck-in-neck at the top of the division, and the Panthers are still hanging on at 3-8-1.

So hell, we're nominating the NFC South. How about you?

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