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How Can The Falcons Get Back To Winning Seasons?

It's a simple question with complex answers, all provided by The Falcoholic's readers.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Given how busy this year has been, our traditional discussion posts have been few and far between. With metric tons of speculation swirling and the team's future deeply uncertain, this seems like a worthy time to dust a discussion off.

My question to you is simple: What do the Falcons need to do to return to the now halcyon-seeming days when they were winning lots of football games? What do they need to do to take the next step Arthur Blank spend so much time discussing on Monday, a step that will take them closer to a championship?

Outline your grand plan in as much detail as you like, and let us know what variables might derail said plan. If you have a preferred head coach and/or general manager to accomplish that, add those thoughts in as well.

Ultimately, I'm hoping we can solve this thing by lunch and get some sandwiches. I do love sandwiches.