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NFL Personnel Director: Falcons Winning the NFC South Would Be a "Joke"

An anonymous NFL personnel director is not impressed with the Atlanta Falcons.

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And yet no one enjoyed my "cheese tasting" sign.
And yet no one enjoyed my "cheese tasting" sign.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, the Falcons travel to Green Bay, somewhere in a place called Wisconsin, where they are 11.5 point underdogs against the Packers. If that point spread weren't punishment enough, an anonymous NFL personnel director had some hot takes about the Atlanta Falcons.

There was no word if he had been attacked by a falcon as a child.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel quoted the personnel director.

"If the Falcons win the division, it will be unbelievable," a personnel director for an NFL team said Tuesday. "That would be a joke. If Green Bay doesn't torch them for 40, I'll be shocked."

I am not sure what is worse. This lack of respect or that the Falcons roster is so forgettable the Sentinel briefly mentions "Henry Douglas". Henry's hands, clutchness and route running were then praised, so I do not even know where to begin with the problems contained in that sentence.

I do wonder what Randall Cobb Salad looks like matched up against Robin McClain.

A number of scouts expect the Packers to win by about 20 points, at which point I would assume the Packers would begin sitting their starters. This will be a tough game at least for Falcons fans to watch but not many scouts are giving the Falcons even an outside chance (pun intended and hilarious).

"I'd have a different impression if the Packers were going inside," another scout said. "I just think the Falcons have notoriously struggled outside. They're a different team in the dome.

"The only way for them to beat the Packers is (Matt) Ryan's hot and they get some turnovers. If it's a clean game, I just don't think they have enough firepower."

If the Falcons can maintain what they did against the Cardinals, getting turnovers and making that Julio Jones connection, they can do exactly what the scout said.

However, one scout pointed at the Falcons secondary as lacking. I find that a bit crazy because that is easily the defense's best attribute, especially with William Moore back. The proper critique would be, "the Falcons couldn't sack a quarterback if their pass rushers were running unblocked downhill against a one-legged quarterback in a cement shoe."

Despite all the negativity, one scout believed the Falcons will win on Monday. But it has nothing to do with the Falcons and everything to do with Green Bay.

"I see this as a trap game for Green Bay," the scout said. "I'm expecting an emotional letdown on offense as the Packers come off the New England game."

It seems no one believes the Falcons are making a turn-around, and instead beat up an Arizona team at home that was missing many of their top players.

Update: Roddy enjoys jokes.