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Falcons will keep Thomas Dimitroff as GM, shakeup still may be ahead

Mike Smith is gone in Atlanta, but the franchise isn't ready to make a change at general manager.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons will not fire general manager Thomas Dimitroff, according to Buck Lanford of FOX 5 Atlanta. The franchise parted ways with head coach Mike Smith this morning, but Dimitroff will still have a chance to prove himself going forward.

Keeping Dimitroff is an interesting move for the Falcons. If you look at Twitter, you'll see the reception isn't positive. There are plenty of fans, writers and analysts who believe Dimitroff should get the ax as well.

Why should the Falcons keep him? NFL Network's Albert Breer commented on the situation.

He makes a good point. While Dimitroff is chastised for his mistakes, he has created a winning atmosphere in Atlanta. The past two years have been rough, but the Falcons are still one of the top landing spots for a potential head coach.

While it's not yet clear what this means, Breer also reported that there could be a change to the organizational structure, which may involve Rich McKay being more involved or Dimitroff ceding some influence:

A few things working in Dimitroff's favor:

  • A franchise quarterback
  • A good amount of cap space for next year
  • The past two drafts appear to have upside
Dimitroff has his work cut out for him, and he will be on a short leash going forward. It's imperative that he addresses the pass rush first and foremost for 2015. The defense needs a facelift overall.

The Falcons No. 1 priority right now is finding a new head coach. Hiring a search firm could mean Dimitroff does not have as much say. His role is not going to be the same going forward, that seems to be certain.

What are your thoughts on Dimitroff staying in Atlanta?