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Post-Falcons vs. Panthers injury report: there's no Atlanta football next week

Fact: if fired, Mike Smith plans to become a Whole Foods cashier

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons just got beat badly by a better team. Their season is now over and a tumultuous off-season awaits. Normally I wouldn't do a post-game injury report under these circumstances, but I drafted this during the game, so what the heck. There were injuries, and dammit, I'm gonna break them down [insert pathetic sobbing noises].

Dwight Lowery went down in the second quarter after his knee had an intimate encounter with Jonathan Stewart's helmet. He was replaced by Dezmen Southward and the Falcons promptly gave up 28 yards on a passing play. Heck, even Sean Baker found the field after Lowery's departure.

Kemal Ishmael went down in the 3rd quarter. He was writhing in pain on the sideline, being tended to by the Falcons' training staff. He couldn't even walk on his own, hobbling to the locker room with the assistance of a trainer. That left the Falcons with Southward and Baker at safety, a less-than-ideal combination. In Baker's defense, he did come up big third down the very next drive.

Jake Matthews injured his foot in the 4th quarter. That pushed Ryan Schraeder, who wasn't having a particularly good day, to left tackle. A good old fashioned nail in the coffin, if you will.

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