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NFL Week 17 Early Games Open Thread

The Falcons don't play until 4:25. If you're looking to talk NFL at The Falcoholic, this is the place to do so before then.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

This is the last week of the season, and while the slate of games isn't exactly thrilling, it's the last drop of regular season football. If we're being honest with ourselves, you'll be watching.

If the Falcons do win, you'll find out who their opponent is in the afternoon, as well. That's because the Seahawks and Cardinals are playing their games at 4:25. If you want to see if the Buccaneers are lining up for the first overall pick by losing to the Saints, however, you can check that out at 1 p.m.

Discuss the early slate of games right here, make your preparations for Falcons-Panthers and give us your predictions for today's games.