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Have The Falcons Had The 2014 They Wanted? Probably Not, But It's Not Over

The Falcons still have a chance to make a lackluster season something special.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

We wrap up a season's worth of Marshall Faulk prompts with this one, asking a question I think we've been grappling with since about Week 4.

The problem with this question is that it doesn't yet have an answer. These Falcons have been maddening, they've fallen well short of their internal expectations and the hopes of fans thus far in 2014, and there's been open talk of the coaching staff being fired since preseason. Yet for all that, the Falcons are just a win out of the playoffs, where they could still cobble together an unlikely run that changes the tenor of the discussion around this team.

I'd say no, this isn't a "professional grade" season, because the 2014 Falcons have been sloppy and infuriating and agonizingly close to a winning season, but ultimately unable to pull entirely out of the early-season mire. They're still hanging on with a Week 17 game looming, though, and for now that's going to need to be good enough.

Your thoughts?

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