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One Falcon To Watch In Week 16: Matt Bryant

[bry-uhnt] noun. 1. The act of making something automatic. 2. Money

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

You know who we're playing. You know the tension. You know what's at stake. Falcons versus Saints. It's one of the few games in this league that is consistently decided by one score. Many times in the history of this rivalry has it came down to kicker Matt Bryant, who is absolutely marvelous in those types of situations, I might add.

Matt "Money" Bryant is no stranger to the big moment. Are you trying to win your first playoff game under a head coach? Send Matt out there. How about upsetting the reigning Super Bowl champions on their home field? Send Matt out there. Whatever the situation is you can bet Matt Bryant is ready for it. Week 16 is undoubtedly the most important game of the season. Our playoff hopes hang in the balance, and one Matt Bryant kick could make or break our season.

With the Falcons finding themselves stalling in the red zone at times, Bryant may be a very active man today. And since we know how these games go down to the wire, we can only hope we have the last possession. Money Matt, all eyes are on you.

Will today's game come down to a Matt Bryant kick?