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Where Can You Watch Falcons vs. Saints In Week 16?

A map that shows you where the Week 16 divisional game will be available on FOX.

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You'll go to great lengths to avoid missing the Falcons-Saints game this Sunday. Perhaps you'll drive yourself to a sports bar to listen to John Lynch and Kevin Burkhardt call this one, or invite yourself over to a friend's to watch Atlanta (hopefully!) dismantle New Orleans in real-time.

Any way you slice it, this is a good week to look for the game if you're not local to Atlanta, because the game will be on in a large swath of the western United States. For once, the entire state of Georgia gets to watch the Falcons, as you can see below, where the Atlanta-New Orleans game is in blue.

Week 16 FOX NFL Coverage Map

Where will you be watching the game Sunday, and do you have any great December recipes or beer recommendations for your fellow Falcons fans?