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Roddy White: Falcons aren't worried about Saints trash talk

Fact: Roddy White cures ham to pass the time during the off-season

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are facing their favorite foe Sunday. And leading up to any game against the Saints, there's bound to be a little trash talk. This week appears to be no exception, with a lesser member of the Saints secondary throwing out some comicly morbid smack talk. But per Vaughn McClure, the Falcons aren't too concerned with talking.

In the process of saying his team can't allow Matt Ryan to throw for 500 yards in the game, Lewis went on to tell the media, "We're definitely gonna give them their funeral."

The 6-8 Saints, who lead the division, can eliminate the 5-9 Falcons from playoff contention with a win.

White was asked if Lewis' trash talk bothered him.

"Nope," White said. "May we rest in peace until Sunday."

As comebacks go, that was pretty fantastic. You didn't expect Roddy to respond with anything less, did you?

Make no mistake, these teams will be hyped come Sunday. You should expect a chippy, hard fought game, and this is simply the prelude.

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