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Falcons vs. Saints Rivalry: Why Do You Hate The Saints? #SaintsHateWeek #Hate #Hate #Hate

Saints Hate Week is on us again. With it being this special time of the year, it is time to spend time with your Falcon family, sit back, and discuss all the special and wonderful reasons you hate the Saints. How is this not a national holiday?

The saddest photo I have ever seen on the SBN photo editor.
The saddest photo I have ever seen on the SBN photo editor.
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

While there is nothing scarier than the Atlanta Falcons controlling their own destiny, Mike Smith can somehow make the playoffs if he wins his two remaining games. This two game stretch starts with a visit to New Orleans to play the dreaded Saints.

Saints fans are a die-hard group that show the sort of enthusiasm and class you would expect of people from a place built on the pillars of smelly bars and creepy pickpockets. Their local economy is based predominantly on scamming visiting bachelorette parties and $9 drinks in the only place in the world that is hotter and more humid than Atlanta.

You can expect the loud fans to make it to Sunday's game, creating trouble for Atlanta's offense... if they make bail.

A New Orleans Saints fan was arrested at Soldier Field Monday night after he shoved Bears owner George McCaskey during an argument over seats, according to the team and police. McCaskey had arrived at some of his seats in the stadium to find several Saints fans sitting in them, according to the team. McCaskey talked briefly with one of the fans and then headed to the concourse to get stadium security, the team said. As McCaskey walked away, Richard Kohnke, 58, went after him and pushed McCaskey in the back, according to police and the team.

If you asked me what fanbase would steal someone's seats, then argue with the elderly owner of the seats, then cheap shot the owner of the seats, I'd have three guesses:

  1. Saints Fans
  2. Definitely Saints Fans
  3. Did I guess Saints fans?
Saints fans were born in the darkness. Molded by it. Sure, maybe I just cherry picked one recent incident that shows some Saints fans are not great...

Saints fans are just the worst.

The Saints are coming off a bounce back, fantasy playoff destroying, win against the Chicago Bears just a week after losing to the Carolina Panthers by 31 points. I would hate to draw a similarity between the Falcons and the Saints, but both teams either put together a decisive win or fail miserably.

A guy who is apparently a cornerback for the team (I've never heard of him), had this to say about the Falcons.

Keenan Lewis has quite the way with words. And there is nothing more intimidating than the Saints defense.

I would like to finish this post by embracing the high journalistic integrity of New Orleans papers, and ask, why do you hate the Saints?