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Jon Asamoah Injured, Taken To Locker Room In Week 15

The Falcons may be missing their most reliable lineman for the rest of the game, if Asamoah's injury is significant.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcon offensive line had just started to gel, and now we may have an injury that jeopardizes all the good work done by the players and Mike Tice:

Asamoah had been an above average right guard all season, and he was the only lineman to start every game. Losing him would be a major blow, so we'll have to hope he returns after the half none the worse for wear. The alternative is that Harland Gunn and/or Gabe Carimi step in at right guard, and that's inarguably a downgrade for the Falcons.

Cross your fingers for Asamoah, who has been dealing with this back injury for a little while now.