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One Falcon To Watch In Week 15: Kroy Biermann

That's right. The most criticized Falcon is also one of the most important keys to success this Sunday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We've all cursed Kroy Biermann's name this season, and rightfully so. The veteran defensive end/linebacker/deep safety/kicker/etc, has had some terrible lows. However, it can't be denied that Biermann's play has at least gotten better in recent weeks.

Atrocious play from Kroy, and much of the defense, helped propel Atlanta into a five game losing streak earlier in the season. Whether it was missing open tackles, getting beat in the trenches, or losing the edge, bad performances typically lead to the bench. It didn't. And the extra chances may have given Bier an opportunity to get into a groove. In the past few weeks, Kroy has been flying around the quarterback and making tackles behind the line. Sure there are still cringeworthy mistakes, but no one is expecting him to be a Pro Bowl player here.

When facing the Steelers, you'll need to make sure you contain Le'Veon Bell. Kroy will need to be on top of the run game to make sure Pittsburgh doesn't control the entire match. Watch for that, and how he covers Bell in the passing game as well. Pittsburgh's success will revolve around this match-up.

Who is your one Falcon to watch?