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If You Could Steal One Steeler For The Falcons, Which Steeler Would You Steal?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have some talented players on their roster. Want one?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers are a  team with tremendous talent at a handful of key positions, talent that the Falcons could certainly benefit from. Today, we're going to take one of those players for our own in this little thought exercise.

The ideal Steelers player would both fill a need and greatly improve the team's talent level, and that's why I'm going with Le'Veon Bell. The talented back was the focus of our morning post primarily because he's Pittsburgh's most dangerous weapon, and he would be equally deadly in Atlanta.

Matt Ryan has never really utilized the running back as a top option in the passing game, but Bell's quality hands would probably change that. He'd be by far the best runner on the roster immediately, he'd essentially transform the face of the offense and he would, if everything broke right, be in Atlanta for many years thanks to his youth.

Other strong choices include Antonio Brown, who would give the Falcons two dominant receivers, and defenders like Jason Worilds and Cameron Heyward, who would at least bolster a scuffling Atlanta front seven.

Who would you take?