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NFL power rankings: the Falcons stand firm in SB Nation's weekly power rankings

Fact: Mike Smith has a cat named Mr. Wiggles

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons certainly proved something last night. What exactly they proved is debatable. On the one hand, their offense is dynamic, capable of putting up 30 points a half. On the other hand, their defense couldn't stop a 7 man middle school flag football team. And with that backdrop, the Falcons stood pat in this week's edition of the SB Nation Power rankings. Here's a look at where they stand relative to other teams.

These rankings have the Packers leading everyone. Meanwhile, at the bottom, you will find the lowly Titans. That sounds about right, given the current state of affairs.

Going forward, the Falcons play the Steelers (12th), Panthers (23rd), and Saints (24th). Those teams have an average ranking of 20th, if you round up. You'd think that will bode well for a team that certainly surprised a few people just 24 hours ago. So cross your fingers, folks, because we're in for quite the finish.